Our profile enrichment tool provides you with precious information you should not miss. We provide enriched customer profiles by recovering and processing publicly available data about a given customer base, integrating it with the business’s internal data and classifying it into standardized categories.

Learning about your customers’ marital status, housing, income, education, occupation and interests changes your game.


The majority of raw data does not offer the maximum of its value in its unprocessed form. Through data aggregation and data mining, descriptive analytics seeks to present a summary of data in a format digestible by the widest business audience possible. Descriptive analytics yields useful information for immediate applications or further analysis.

BigProfiles enriches your customers’ profiles with meaningful information like customers’ interests, occupation, education and provides you with an easily understandable data set with more than 100 indicators. Empower your team with new insights to sharpen campaign targeting leveraging previously unknown information.


While descriptive analytics is useful to gain a clear understanding of your customers, predictive analytics goes a step further to forecast the likelihood of specific trends in customer behavior.

Leveraging the enriched dataset provided by BigProfiles, businesses gain deeper insights about their customer base and are able to make accurate predictions about their future behavior. The add-on value that BigProfiles brings to your business is the quality and quantity of data available for analysis. We extract practical and valuable information from your data, you gain the tools to optimize marketing campaigns, improve operations and strategically manage your resources.