Sales AI

Upon the enrichment of your consumer profiles, BigProfiles launches its proprietary machine learning engine to start with the analysis of “consumer behavioral prediction”. Our artificial intelligence algorithm analyses the patterns among hundreds of indicators related to your customers’ database in order to search for those insights which uniquely identify your best consumers.

Not only BigProfiles enriches your lead, it also provides you with AI-powered behavioral predictions. After enriching your customer database, our AI engine analyzes the data in relation to the information you are looking for.


If you are already running a campaign but want to make it more efficient, we provide you the tools to reach your goal. BigProfiles, through its enrichment and AI engine, analyzes your customer database and attributes purchase-propensity scores to each of your lead. In this way, you can sharpen your campaign targeting and invest more resources on leads with the highest purchase-propensity score. By adopting BigProfiles, your campaign converts more with less investments in time and cost.


If you are planning to run a new marketing campaign and want to focus on targeting only the segments of the population with the highest purchase propensity, BigProfiles provides you with a cutting-edge technology to meet your needs. By attaching the propensity score to each of your leads, you will be finally able to deploy the “perfect marketing campaign” with the highest return your company has ever experienced.


If you are running a marketing campaign and wish to increment your upselling sales, BigProfiles knows how to bring you there. Thanks to its Profile Enrichment algorithm and its Artificial Intelligence engine, BigProfiles analyses your customer base and elaborates a scoring for each of your consumers on the base of his specific upselling propensity. Exploit the state of the art of the artificial intelligence to get the highest return on your marketing investment.